Student Activities

NEC Student Activities

Every month there's a cultural activity or special event that's being organized by our Student Services staff or NEC Student Council.  Native Education College puts a strong emphasis on cultural values and teaching during each event.

Indigenous Culture  

Indigenous Culture

At NEC, our strength is having a welcoming environment where our students feel comfortable and can connect or reconnect with their roots, culture, and traditions. We have a number of cultural activities for students to participate in throughout the year.



Nighthawks Athletics

Teamwork, competitiveness, and support are what our players can expect when joining the Wellness Warriors – NEC’s sports programs and activities. Our students participate in a number of events throughout the year.


Peer Mentorship  

Peer Mentorship Program

The Peer Mentorship Program at NEC provides opportunities for students to assist other students.  The program is geared towards students’ specific needs or talents. In the past we have peer mentor students lead fitness activities, cultural activities, and academic activities.


Student Council  

Student Council

The Student Council represents all students attending the College with a mandate to help promote the well-being and to address any issues or concerns brought forward by its membership. 


For more information, please contact:

Jeffrey Dan, Cultural Coordinator
(604) 873-3772