Human Anatomy & Physiology I

 Credit: 4.0 University Transfer Credits  Ι  Offered: Spring/Summer

Course Description

This course and its companion course Human Anatomy & Physiology 2, deal with the relationship between structure and function in the human body. Lectures will introduce students to basic concepts in biology and the anatomy and role of the major organ systems of the human body Laboratory activities include microscopic examination of cells, tissues, organ structures, investigations of human anatomy, experiments in the functioning of the human senses, and muscles, as well as dissections of selected organs.

This pair of courses is meant for students progressing to health care related fields such as nursing, and dental hygiene. The course is also designed for students who want to learn more about the human body.

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Program Summary

Course Number:    

Biology 110

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4.0 University Transfer Credits


April 20, 2020 - June 5, 2020


Tues-Fri, 12:30pm - 4pm


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Biology 12, Chemistry 11, Pre-calculus 11, all with at least a C+


In-Person: 235 East 5th Avenue, Vancouver BC. (We are located just off Main Street)

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