Vancouver/Coast Salish Territory, BC – With the growth of the technology sector, the Native Education College (NEC) has partnered with the Professional Quality Assurance Ltd. (PQA Testing) company to deliver a new certificate program targeting Aboriginal learners interested in entering the IT sector in BC. “Our location near 5th and Main Street in Mount Pleasant is near Hootsuite and other IT companies,” said Dan Guinan, NEC President, “and we want to get Indigenous youth involved in the knowledge economy.”

As one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, the BC tech sector generated over $23 billion in revenue, adding over $13 billion to BC’s GDP in 2013. During this year, 700 new technology companies entered the marketplace, in addition to the 9,000 established technology companies throughout the province. These companies employed 86,000 people with a growing demand for employees in this sector. Software testing is new career that helps the developers ensure websites and apps are working properly. It offers an opportunity to enter the high tech industry and learn on the job.

Native Education College (NEC) was established in 1967 to close the educational gap for Aboriginal adult learners after transitioning to Vancouver from rural First Nation communities. Today, NEC graduates about 120 Aboriginal students from approximately 300 current students enrolled in several certificate and diploma programs each year. Mr. Guinan said, “We offer a warm and friendly longhouse feeling where people can be themselves and develop confidence in their academic abilities.”

Professional Quality Assurance (PQA) Testing Ltd. developed the Aboriginal Software Tester Training Program to meet the growing demand in the IT sector for skilled labour and to provide employment opportunities for Aboriginal people across Canada. This internationally recognized certificate program provides 4 months of in-class instruction followed by a 2 month employment internship for hands-on experience.

To find out more to register for this new certificate program at NEC, contact the Admissions Department at 604.873.3772 ext. 328 or email

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Located in Vancouver, BC – NEC offers a culturally appropriate and supportive learning environment for Indigenous students. NEC is privately owned and controlled by BC First Nations.

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