Are you interested in helping Indigenous learner’s access quality educational opportunities to reach their full potential? Do you want to contribute your time, expertise, or influence? If so, become a member of NEC’s Non-Profit Society. We are always seeking new members who want to support and promote educational opportunities for Indigenous learners.

NEC Membership

Membership Benefits

Members represent the diversity of Indigenous people in Canada and are invited to attend the annual general meeting to provide input to the stewardship of the College. Members elect the board of directors, and only Members can serve as Directors. Plus, members are provided with advance notice of special events. Full membership in the society is open to people of Indigenous ancestry who are interested in the education of Indigenous community members. Associate membership is also available to all community members.

The longhouse environment it operates provides a home away from home for urban Indigenous learners.  The NEC is actively seeking to be more representative of all the Indigenous people of BC.  The NEC is committed to open and transparent reporting of operational planning and performance.

If you are already involved in a nonprofit society you know that it can be a very satisfying way to support your community.  Society members typically enjoy serving the community and they want to continue doing it. However, there are others who are not sure about joining a society or who need someone else to tell them why it makes sense. Here are some reasons why people join nonprofit societies:

  • Members elect the Board of Directors from the membership
  • Only members can serve as Directors
  • Members attend general meetings and provide input to the stewardship of the college
  • Members are consulted about major changes in the society mission and goals
  • Members represent the diversity of Indigenous people in Canada
  • Members are provided with advance notice of special events
  • Indigenous people can be full voting members and non-Indigenous people can be Associate members
  • Members give back to the community
  • Members feel a sense of purpose and are therefore happier and more resilient

To become a member of the NEC Society, complete the NEC Society Membership Form and send to the attention of:

G. Peters, Executive Assistant