2022 NEC Alumni Award Recipients

Alyssa Spence, Academic Achievement Award.

This award recognizes the accomplishments achieved by an NEC Alumni member who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance from the most recent year of the program.

Leah Ballantyne, George Manuel Educational Excellence Award.

This award is named after George Manuel, the influential Grand Chief who made a significant difference in how Indigenous people are considered at the National and International level. This award recognizes NEC graduates who have continued to pursue and achieve higher post-secondary education.

Laurence Paul, Wanda Bolton Community Service Award.

This award is named after Wanda Bolton, a former NEC Program Coordinator and passionate advocate, as well as a teacher whom continuously demonstrated excellence in community service. This award recognizes NEC graduates who demonstrate excellence in community service.  

Dawnda Joseph Tate, Chief Joe Mathias Leadership Award.

This award is named after Chief Joe Mathias, the former Chief of Squamish Nation worked towards having Aboriginal Rights and Title recognized by the federal and provincial governments. This award recognizes NEC graduates who exemplify leadership in their careers and communities.

Sasha Hobbs, Gertrude Guerin Visionary Award

This award is named after Gertie Guerin, one of the founding members of NEC who began the organization with a vision to have a place for Indigenous people to begin their learning journey. This award recognizes a former NEC Board Member who strives toward empowering Indigenous people.


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