How to Apply

1. Research Your Program

Before you apply to a certificate or diploma program, check out the course listing and explore the different careers that might interest you. Be sure to apply early and secure your funding well before classes begin.

Learn more about NEC:

  • Student Advisor: Our Student Advisor in the Office of the Registrar can share information about program admission requirements, assessment support, educational planning, application procedures, and university transfers. 
  • Open House: Join us for our annual Open House. Learn about our certificate and diploma programs, take a Longhouse tour, and enjoy cultural performances. 
  • Info Sessions: Join us on for an Info Session and learn about admission requirements, funding options, and NEC programs.


2. Check Admission Requirements

Plan your learning journey early. When choosing a program, check out the following pages:

Admission Requirements

Each program outlines the specific admission requirements. The minimum requirements must be met before being acceptance into a program, which may include high school English or Math subjects.

Additional Admission Criteria

Each program requires different admission criteria. Please see the programs page for program-specific admission criteria for more details. Apply early to get a conditional acceptance letter to secure band funding or other funding sources.

3. Apply for Admission

Apply Online!

  • In-Person: Our address for the admissions office is main floor at 235 East 5th Avenue, Vancouver BC. (We are located just off Main Street)
  • By Fax: Download an application and fax to our admissions office at (604) 873-1440
  • Online: Complete and submit your Online Application

4. Complete Additional Admission Requirements

Once your application is received by the Admissions Department, a confirmation email will be sent listing the additional admission requirements that need to be completed before the first day of classes, which may include:

  • High School Transcripts
  • Reference letters
  • Written Assessment
  • Math Assessment (CAAT)
  • Interview with Program Coordinator

5. Confirming Your Acceptance

Confirming Acceptance  

After your interview with a Program Coordinator, they will make the final decision about your acceptance into the program. Once approved, the Admissions Department will email you with an acceptance letter outlining:

  • Program description
  • Tuition and fees
  • List of courses
  • Start and end dates for courses
  • Credits earned

6. Funding Your Education

Once accepted into your program of choice, schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Advisor to discuss how to find funding for your education.  You'll receive information about scholarships, bursaries, band funding, and referrals to other funding agencies.

7. Registering For Courses

Funding must be confirmed before you can register for courses. Once funding is secured, schedule a meeting with the Financial Aid Advisor to complete the course registration form at least four weeks before the first day of classes.