Financial Resources

NEC Financial Aid

To help our Indigenous learners reach their educational goals, our Financial Aid Officer helps with finding financial resources. Support is provided with the following:

  • NEC student awards & bursaries
  • Government student loan applications
  • Grants and scholarship resources
  • May provide emergency funding
  • Budgeting

NEC Student Awards & Bursaries 

We recognize the hard work and commitment that our students continue to achieve as they pursue their educational goals. Every year, we give over $5,000 in bursaries at the annual Student Awards Ceremony held in July. NEC is grateful for our community partners, donors, and sponsors who continue to support our the goals of our students.

Awards   Bursaries

NEC Graduation Scholarship / Bursary / Award List:
  • Andre Dufour Bursary
  • Bernie Agg Scholarship
  • Brenda Forsyth Memorial Award
  • Ernie McDonald Award
  • Founding Members Community Involvement Award
  • Friendship Awards
  • Grace Mirehouse Memorial Award
  • John McBride Memorial Award
  • Howard Green Award
  • Karen Lidkea Office Administration Award
  • Klahanie R. Rorick Memorial Award
  • Margaret Mitchell Fund for Women Bursary
  • NEC Student Association Award
  • Patrick Delorme Eagle Spirit Warrior Memorial Award
  • Ray Collins Scholarship
  • Staff/Faculty Award
  • Urban Spirit Foundation Male Bursary
  • Urban Spirit Foundation Single Parent Bursary
  • Wanda Bolton Memorial Award

The 2019/20 Graduation Scholarship/Bursary/Award application deadline for submissions is Thursday July 23, 2020, at midnight PST.  Any applications submitted incomplete or past the deadline date will NOT be considered.

Please read the package carefully before starting your application.

Applications can be downloaded here.









Grants, Scholarships & Bursaries

There are also numerous scholarships and bursaries available from various sources. To name a few, here's a list of websites to check out:


Adult Upgrading Grant

Through the Ministry of Advanced Education, the Adult Upgrading Grant is available for students taking the Indigenous Adult Basic Education Program at NEC. Visit their website for the Policy and Procedures Manual and the Adult Upgrading Grant Application.

Click here for other Grants and Scholarships available in BC.

Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP)

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada provides financial assistance for Indigenous learners that want to pursue post-secondary studies. In BC, the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres administers the PSSSP and University College Entrance Preparation (UCEP). Visit their website to see if you’re eligible to access the Post-Secondary Student Support Program.

For inquiries about PSSSP, contact:

Att: Education Coordinator
BC Association of Friendship Centres
(250) 388-5522 or 1-800-990-2432 

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS)

The Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) provides financial support for Indigenous learners who are pursuing post-secondary certificates and diplomas. To begin the application process, contact your local ASETS holder.

Student Loans

Our Financial Aid Advisor can assist you with the application process for accessing funding from Student Aid BC and Canada Student Loans.

Student Aid BC

Through the Province of British Columbia, students can apply for a 2016/17 student loan, for classes starting August 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017. Visit their website for more information at Student Aid BC.

British Columbia Student Assistance Program (BCSAP)

This provincial program offers numerous financial aid resources to fund post-secondary education. The Canada Student Loans are repayable after six months of completing post-secondary studies. Visit the Canada Student Loans website for more information.

For more information, please contact:

Admissions Department
(604) 873-3772 Ext. 328