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Our staff from Student Services are available to help you find the resources you need.  Whether it's researching for a paper, tutoring, meeting with a counsellor or utilizing community resources, we are here to assist you.  At NEC, we believe in making your education journey as accessible as possible.




Our collection includes a variety of print and electronic materials with a focus on Indigenous content that helps our learners with their studies. 


Book Store  


Our bookstore has all of the books you'll need and more.  Students can purchase their textbooks and course materials at the Admissions Office and pick-up at the bookstore located on the main floor at the College.


Learning Centre  

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre provides academic support services to help our Indigenous learners build their confidence with developing their study habits and preparing for a career.



Counselling Services

Our certified counsellors provide a safe and confidential environment to help our Indigenous learner’s transition into the student life. Whether it’s working through anxiety, depression, or grief, our counsellors can help.


Resource Team

Boyd Reynolds, Library Coordinator

John Pateman, Learning Centre Coordinator

Cory Deutsch, Counselling Department Coordinator

Yvette Bear, Family Violence Resource Centre Coordinator