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Scholarships are awards given to students on the basis of academic achievement or outstanding progress in a course of study. Scholarships are awarded to students upon the recommendation of faculty.

A bursary is a non-repayable award, which is made to students who demonstrate financial need. Students applying for bursary funds are expected to have exhausted all other avenues of financial support.

NEC Graduation Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Each year there is over $5,000 to be given away! Check back for more information.

Scholarship and Bursary Websites

The sites listed below provide a comprehensive list of available Bursaries and Scholarships that are available for Post-Secondary students.  Follow the links to each site to retrieve the current year application forms.


British Columbia Student Assistance Program (BCSAP)

This program provides assistance for studying full time at the post-secondary level, in the form of Canada Student Loans, or a combination of Canada Student Loan and BC Student Loan, or Canada Student Loan and BC Grant. The amount and type of assistance awarded will be based on an assessed need as determined by the Provincial Authority. Students intending to apply for BC Student Assistance should be aware that it will take approximately eight weeks to process a student loan application. Students are reminded that this is an assistance program that is aimed at assisting, not replacing, your own financial resources. You will be expected to pay your tuition fees from your own resources at time of registration. Each applicant is encouraged to have the Financial Aid Advisor review the loan application for completeness and accuracy.  Applications that are not completed correctly encounter long delays in processing.

Other Funding Options

Adult Basic Education Student Assistance Program (ABESAP)

ABESAP is a provincially funded program established to provide non-repayable grants to students in need. Upon approval by the Financial Aid Officer, this grant is to cover the cost of books and supply fees and if eligible transportation. If funds are needed for enrollment, applications are available upon acceptance into the Aboriginal Adult Basic Education program. Students are advised to apply early. Please note this is for pre-post secondary studies only.

Post Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP)

On behalf of Aboriginal Affiars and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), the NEC Native Education College has administered the Post Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) and the Univeristy College Entrance Preparation (UCEP) program in the BC Region for over 25 years. This funding is no longer being administered by the NEC Native Education College and has been transferred to the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres. Please contact Mr. Jamin Zuroski by telephone at: 1-800-990-2432 or by email: for information on the PSSSP Program.

This funding is specifically for: Northwest Territory members who do not meet the NWT residency requirements for their bands and are now residing in BC; Inuit members who reside in BC; General Listed BC Indian Status members; Non-Band members who are affiliated with a BC First Nation. If you do not fall under these categories, you must contact your Band / First Nation / Tribal Council for funding options.

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) funding

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) is designed to help Aboriginal people prepare for and find high-demand jobs quickly, as well as keep them in the long term. ASETS holders have assisted our students with funding as well for their Post Secondary Educational goals. You must contact them to initiate the application process. They would normally like to book an appointment with you to meet you in person then provide you with the application at that time. Normally you must be admitted into the program of your choice beforehand, but you can always contact one of the ASETS holders to get started. Please go to: to locate ASETS holders in your area.

Student Aid BC

Student Loans are funding available from the government for Post Secondary programs only. For more information on your financial aid options, please visit the Student Aid BC website:


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