Indigenous Land Stewardship


Program Description

The Indigenous Land Stewardship (ILS) program offers students career preparation in land and resource management as well as a gateway to higher education. This one-year certificate program consists of ten courses rooted in Indigenous knowledge of land, community, and ecology.

Program Summary


9 Months


September to May







Career Path

Program graduates find jobs with employers involved in land and resource administration including First Nations bands; Métis organizations; resource, utility, and land development companies; environmental groups; municipalities and others.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the ILS Certificate program, graduates will be able to: 

  1.  Apply Indigenous principles of stewardship to land and resource management
  2.  Practice skills from multiple knowledge systems (Indigenous and Western scientific) for respectful cross-cultural engagement
  3.  Explain the effects of colonialism on traditional land management and the implications of recent legal decisions
  4.  Synthesize traditional and contemporary methods of Indigenous land mapping and knowledge sharing
  5.  Contribute to the design, planning, and development of projects on Indigenous and other lands that address environmental challenges
  6.  Articulate the benefits of an ecosystem approach to land and resource decisions
  7.  Engage in key issues relevant to Indigenous communities based on traditional principles of environmental and social justice
  8.  Use persuasive oral and written communication to convey ideas, proposals, arguments, and solutions to meet environmental challenges








Course Schedule

Term 1 - September

ILS 100

Introduction to Land Stewardship

70 hrs

ILS 110

Academic English

70 hrs

ILS 120

Indigenous Environmental Knowledge

70 hrs

ILS 130


70 hrs


Term 2 - January

ILS 140

Climate Change Adaptation

70 hrs

ILS 150

Indigenous Governance, Law and the Environment

70 hrs

ILS 160

Contemporary Issues in Indigenous Land Stewardship

70 hrs

ILS 170

Leadership and Program Management

70 hrs


Term 3 - April 

ILS 180

Field Studies

50 hrs

ILS 190

Field Studies

50 hrs

Admission Requirements

High School Applicants

  • Grade 12 completion and transcript
  • English 12 "C" grade or higher
  • Letter of Intent
  • Interview with Program Coordinator

Mature Applicants

  • 21 years old or older
  • No Grade 12
  • Completed written assessment with a "C" grade or higher
  • Letter of Intent
  • Interview with Program Coordinator

Tuition & Fees









Total Cost:



For more information, contact:

Admissions Department
(604) 873-3772 Ext. 328