Your Role as Host is Key to the Success of Aboriginal Tourism

The Aboriginal tourism industry is enjoying steady growth as Aboriginal communities are welcoming travellers from around the world who are interested in learning about the culture and place they are visiting.  As a result, well-trained hosts who understand what these guests are looking for, and who can help provide an authentic cultural experience, are needed by businesses and communities.

There is also a need to ensure that the environmental and cultural resources of Aboriginal communities are not compromised for future needs and generations.  A balance must exist between the welcoming host, the visiting guest, and place where this social and cultural exchange occurs.  Such a balance will help maintain the integrity of the place and culture that Aboriginal hosts are sharing with their guests.

When done right, Aboriginal tourism will:

  • Help preserve and share the rich culture of Aboriginal communities
  • Enhance a community’s image
  • Instill a sense of pride in community members and hosts
  • Help decrease cultural stereotypes
  • Generate revenue and jobs for communities
  • Promote environmental and land stewardship awareness and issues

The FirstHost workshop is:

  • A training opportunity to learn frontline skills and techniques that promote service excellence
  • Designed to celebrate the culture and community of Aboriginal people
  • Delivered by experienced and qualified Aboriginal trainers
  • Intended to help you do a better job in any hosting role

As a FirstHost participant you will:

  • Improve your people skills and help build a winning attitude
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Handle guest concerns and problem solve
  • Gain transferable skills that will increase your job and career options

Program Information

FirstHost is a one-day tourism workshop that is delivered throughout BC and Canada. Participants learn about the hospitality business and the special importance of the host, guest and place relationship.

Cost will depend on number of participants.  FirstHost workshops cost $1105 to deliver to 13 participants.  After 13 seats have been filled, it will cost $85 per participant.

Travel expenses for the FirstHost trainer are covered by the sponsoring organization.

To find out more about the FirstHost workshops, please contact Tanya Skvortsova at 604-873 3772 ext 333 or

Check out a sample of the FirstHost Workbook – Click here below to view the PDF


FIRSTHOST TRAINERS — Click here to print form for use as a tool to promote and market your FH workshop




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