University Transfer

University Transfer

NEC Certificate and Diploma programs are transferrable to other post-secondary programs in British Columbia. These transfer agreements are considered as block transfers, meaning the post-secondary credits you earn at NEC are transferrable to a BC post-secondary institution that’s listed below.

For more information, here’s how you can find out which program is transferrable to other BC post-secondary institutions:

  1. Go to the BC Transfer Guide website at
  2. Search “Block Transfers”
  3. Find Native Education College in the listing


Transcript Requests

At the request of a student, the Associate Registrar will send official transcripts directly to other post-secondary schools or companies named by the student. Students will not be notified when the transcripts have been mailed by NEC. Please note that official transcripts will not be issued if a student has any remaining financial or other obligations to the College.

Office Transcript Request Form