Mission Statement

The NEC Native Education College provides a culturally appropriate and supportive learning environment for Aboriginal learners, within available resources. Non-Aboriginal learners are welcome.

In pursuit of this Mission, the NEC Native Education College will bring about the following results:

  • Learners will experience a learning environment that respects and reflects the diversity of Aboriginal culture.
  • Learners get the support they need to achieve their educational goals in a way that respects their individual cultural values.
  • Learners are prepared for meaningful roles in Aboriginal communities and society in general.
  • Graduates are prepared for employment or go on to further their education.
  • Graduates receive recognition in the form of a certificate, diploma or degree.
  • There is an informed respectful working relationship amongst Aboriginal groups.
  • The public is better informed on Aboriginal educational issues.


  • To develop, manage and operate an Aboriginal education facility;
  • To facilitate the participation of people of Aboriginal ancestry in educational and community affairs;
  • To help to meet the educational needs of Aboriginal people through the development and delivery of culturally relevant and academically rigorous curriculum and innovative programs and services that are responsive and responsible to Aboriginal peoples;
  • To promote the well-being of Aboriginal peoples at the community level through the development and delivery of educational programs and activities in cooperation with Aboriginal communities;
  • To provide facilities that are accessible to community groups to further the mission and goals of the Society;
  • To develop programs, facilities and methodologies that provide access to skills, knowledge and technology appropriate to the future well-being of Aboriginal peoples in cooperation with agencies of government and non-governmental organizations;
  • To improve understanding between Aboriginal groups, to inform the general public of Aboriginal issues, and to inform the Aboriginal communities of the purpose of education and the programs and services of the Society.


For more NEC Program information visit the Admissions section or call

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