Dan Guinan  Presidents Message

    Welcome to the NEC Native Education College website. Our great staff are working hard to provide the     best upgrading, vocational and university transfer programs existing anywhere. We respond to the             fantastic gifts and strengths that our students bring to their educational journey. We love the way our       students connect with our staff, our Elders and engage with the whole experience of learning. This             learning is often about honoring the legacy of the Indigenous peoples of these lands and carrying their     rich cultural traditions forward for future generations. Join us for this special journey to understand      the world around us and respect the people we encounter with gratitude for those who have gone before us.


Dan Guinan, President

Dan is the president of the NEC Native Education College in Vancouver. He has a masters in zoology and a doctorate in social sciences. He first came to the Native Education College in 1991 as a science instructor in Aboriginal Adult Basic Education. He was also a Program Coordinator and Academic Dean and he helped developed many of the programs at the college.  As the college president, Dan serves on the Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council and the board of ACCESS and is currently the Treasurer of both organizations. Dan is a lifelong learner with a passion for exploring the people and cultures of the world through reading, films, food and traveling. 


Management Team


Tammy Harkey   Tammy Harkey, Dean of Student Services and Registrar

    Tammy Harkey is a successful educator with 10+ years of expertise supporting First Nations across the       country developing  and implementing culturally relevant programming that supports Aboriginal                 learners. She is passionate about ensuring that learners have the support they need in order to achieve       their maximum potential in society.

    Tammy is currently the Dean of Student Services and Registrar for the NEC Native Education College.           She has a minor in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and she       is currently a PHD candidate at Simon Fraser University. She serves on the Dogwood 25 Board of Directors, the Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association Board of Governors, and the Simon Fraser University Aboriginal Steering Committee.

A proud member of the Musqueam Indian Band, Tammy enjoys spending her spare-time with family and friends. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters (Megan and Danielle) that have pursued careers in the field of Nursing, a grandmother to Baby Lennox, with a new grandbaby on the way. Tammy is committed to the advancement of her community with a conscious recognition of the past, an awareness of the present day needs, and the vision for a better tomorrow.

Jason Wong 2   Jason Wong, Director of Finance

    Jason is a proud citizen of Gitwangak, which is part of the Gitxsan Nation in British Columbia. Jason has       20+ years of accounting and management experience across multiple industries. He spent the past 12         years specializing in the not-for-profit and Indigenous sector where he found a passion for education         working within this industry and brings this passion to his work with NEC Native Education College.             Jason’s favourite part of the    year is attending NEC’s graduation and watching the proud students             obtain their hard earned credentials.

Jason LaRochelle   Jason LaRochelle, Dean of Academics

    Jason is Haida from Old Massett in British Columbia. His traditional name is Skeweqsalalexw (meaning         "of the Raven" in Halq'emeylem). He is currently the Dean of Academics at the NEC Native Education           College in Vancouver. Jason has worked in the field of Indigenous education since 1999. During his time     at NEC, he has worked as an instructor in the Aboriginal Adult Basic Education (AABE) program, as the         program coordinator of the Family & Community Counselling (FCC) program, and as the program               manager of Human Services. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology from the           University of British Columbia. He has a keen interest in both education and psychology. Jason feels honoured to announce the names and nations of NEC’s graduates each year at the NEC graduation.