Strategic Plan


The Native Education College is the college of choice for Indigenous learners who chose indigenous cultural supports for the realization of their education and career goals.


The NEC is an effective and efficient institution committed to continuous improvement and excellence and its board, management and staff work collaboratively to provide culturally relevant education, training and personal growth for Indigenous learners,


  • Diversity  We recognize that while we are all Indigenous people, we come from many nations. We celebrate the diversity of our ways as a source of strength within our nations. Thus in diversity we find unity.

  • Respect  We recognize that nothing is barred from consideration as long as it does not intrude into the lives of others. From our unity arises our respect for Mother Earth, upon which we all depend, our respect for the ways and opinion of others, even if we do not share those ways or opinions. In respecting others, we respect ourselves; our capacity to appreciate each other as we are, and our resolve not to see our ways compromised.

  • Gratitude  From our unity arises our responsibility to our present generation and generations yet unborn and our gratitude to the generations that have come before us.

  • Understanding  We will rely on example and persuasion rather than authority and force when change is considered. We are determined to explore the limits of our understanding.

  • Accountability  We all have a role to perform that is an extension of a grand design. As adults we share freedom of choice and freedom of action and thus we also have the responsibility to accept the results of our choices and actions.


Goals & Objectives

Goal 1 - Confident and Successful Graduates

Objective 1a   First Choice for Indigenous Students

Objective 1b   Enhance Indigeneity

Objective 1c    Flourishing Learners


Goal 2 - Empowered Employees

Objective 2a    Increased Efficiency

Objective 2b   Enhanced Communications


Goal 3 - Successful Partnerships

Goal 4 - Financial Sustainability

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